hydrophobe lovesong

the trickle tickles my toes
ebb and flow
but the current constantly
drags me out to sea

and i would drown
every day
if i had the chance
or the time
and not much else

id wade out into the swell
and dive in
mindless of dangers

as my breath escaped
my eyes would behold
the distorted beauty
of the sun above

and when rescue came for me
id be grateful
and know better
and do it all again


~ by graceshaker on August 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “hydrophobe lovesong”

  1. hey this is really good. I never would have suspected you are an ocean lover and a poetry writer! I recently forgot to take my snorkel out and put my regulator in my mouth while scuba diving…….

  2. love the last 2 stanzas.

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