more of me…..or less?

some quick thots on a comment made in the previous post. my friend hillary pretty much asked if there would be more and more of me now that i had a new blog. the answer is yes.

and no.

yes there will be more blogs.  i hope. i would like to post at least once a week.  this would be substantially more than im posting right now as i come closer to posting about once a month.

and no there will not be more of me. i hope. mostly bc i want there to be more of christ in me. the whole ‘i must decrease and he must increase’ thing. right now im not even sure if i fully understand what that means. i used to think i knew. but then – i used to think i knew everything.


~ by graceshaker on December 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “more of me…..or less?”

  1. That’s because the older we get the bigger he seems, that fights directly with the monicker of the older we get the more we know…wow i think that just said nothing…

    in my life it really is about control, when he is biggest I am at my weakest…I finally let him be in control because I have no choice…I grow when I cede control without being at the end of my rope… every time I do this he becomes bigger in my life and I become smaller…

    My two cents…

  2. Spoken like a true man of God.
    In my life, I have had to start over…almost like shutting my brain off completely, become mush, and just begin again. God is faithful and merciful. So I agree…I used to think I knew…this bloody, crazy life….
    So what is next? I am looking forward to your thoughts.

  3. graceshaker, I’ve notice your too reserved, I hope this is the place where I can understand your thoughts more. That is, if you can post longer than a paragraph, it amazes me that a mind like yours can condense all that information down to a byte and not a gigabyte. If you feel offended, sorry it wasn’t intended, just offering someone honesty, besides the praise you receive.

    • im not offended but theres a reason i tend to byte size everything. the vast majority of people i know wont take in any more than that. so ive tried to condense what could fill pages into paragraphs in hopes of sparking more interest.

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