the body and the blood

the body

in it is life

we are fearfully and wonderfully made

more than just the dust of the earth

flesh and bone

mind and matter

heart and soul

solid yet entirely spiritual

sacred – because it contains gods image

the body is fragile

and as we eat this bread

we take part in the bitter sacrifice

the son of god beaten and whipped

breaking his body

his life

for ours


in it is life

with it we live and move and have our being

without it we grow cold and decay

it is liquid breath

carrying oxygen through the body

eliminating waste

blood is precious

sacred – because it sustains gods creation

blood is bitter

and as we drink this cup

we take part in the bitter sacrifice

the son of god hanging on a tree

spilling out his blood

his life

for ours


~ by graceshaker on February 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “the body and the blood”

  1. amen.

  2. I like that! Very intense, very good. ~~~ ppr (found you with my tag surfer)

  3. beautiful.
    you have such a poetic way of painting with your words. . .

  4. used this in our communion observance wednesday night. it was muy bueno.

  5. His life for ours, only fair that we should live our life for His.

  6. willoh – i actually spoke on that this weekend at a youth event. we can never pay jesus back and we should never even try but we do what we do bc he has freed us to do so.

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