cleaning the coast

spent spring break on the bolivar peninsula cleaning up in the wake of hurricane ike. 8 months later and theres still miles of debris littering the area. we cleared the clutter away from 2 churches and 16 other lots – many of them without houses bc the houses were washed away or torn down after being condemned.



it was both a troubling and satisfying week. troubling in the sheer magnitude of devastation. the stories we heard from locals were harrowing. but as we cleared lots and helped people begin the rebuilding process we saw hope renewed. the final night we attended a church service at a local church and the people were so grateful. thats not why we did it but it was such a blessing to see the oppression of ikes destruction lifted from their shoulders.



i want to go back. soon. we talked with the project manager about returning and he said there were opportunities this summer to help build houses for people who lost theirs. im seriously considering it. whether we go as a church mission trip or a handful of us go back on our own – i think it will be worth it. not for me. but for the kingdom.



~ by graceshaker on March 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “cleaning the coast”

  1. Talk about walking the walk. God bless this mission. This is true Christianity!

  2. Good work!

  3. This is a very humbling excursion. Kinda helps put things in perspective, eh?

  4. Are you the same “graceshaker” that was on CARM years ago?



  5. I remeber serving several months after Hurricane Katrina. The damage that was still left, broke my heart… how could there still be so much work to be done? I understand what that must feel like you post – Ike…

  6. It was a great trip and hope we’re going back!

  7. …there is a unique good feeling you get from knowing that you’re helping others who are truly in need, truly showing them Christ in your actions. i don’t know what it is/was but it was different…
    good, great, rewarding but different…

  8. One question that I’ve always wondered about you graceshaker, how do you do it? do you ever feel tired? carelessness? apathetic? selfish? have you ever not cared? have you ever woke up one day decided you wanted to placed more concerned for your own well-being as opposed to others. You see these are the questions I ask myself when I observe men such as yourself who do wonderful things for other people and for the environment (that wouldn’t even notice you). I know these questions are personal and you don’t have to answer them, but people like you fill my mind with questions. You see I think I have a good grasp of human nature and how ugly it exposes itself, but what I don’t understand is how do you do what you are able to do? your answer would be “with Christ help” emphasizing this would be a great help for me.

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