the parable of the coin

a man on his way to work sees a coin lying on the ground tails side up. he bends over to glance at it but without picking it up and taking a very close look at it he goes on his way. later he is telling his friend about the coin and attempting to describe it. he explains that it had an eagle on it holding some wheat and barley stalks and he finishes his description by stating that there is some wording that he couldnt quite make out. he is convinced of what he saw and is sure he is right about the description.

his friend reaches in his pocket and pulls out the very coin he had picked up on the way in to work only a few minutes behind the first man. he holds it in his hands tails side up and the first man exclaims that yes – this is indeed the coin. the second man then flips the coin over to reveal to the first man the other side with its picture of a mans profile and some more words. the first man is aghast in horror and reels away shaking his head and exclaiming that no – it is not the same coin after all and that it cannot be for the coin he saw was surely the same on both sides. it doesnt make any sense to him why there would be a coin with two seemingly different sides.

the second man sits down with the first and calmly explains to him the story of the coin from beginning to end showing him that the two sides are indeed the same coin and that they are in fact directly related to each other. he states that he hopes this information helps the first man understand a little bit about the nature of the coin and then he gives the coin to the first man and after embracing the other man he returns to work.


~ by graceshaker on April 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “the parable of the coin”

  1. Ohhhhkay…so some people are so breathtakingly stupid that they fail to realize that coins may have different things etched on different sides. Gotcha.

  2. So, I have a questions Goliath. Do you believe there is just no God at all, or is it that you just enjoy waving the finger at God and everyone who claims to follow him?

    I just want to know where you are coming from; you know where some of us lie, but you are still the mystery of the bunch….just curious.

  3. goliath – parables are stories that relate a point. the absurdity of the man who refused to accept the idea of a two sided coin is like the absurdity of a man who refuses to accept a god with more than one dimension to his personality.

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