eternal life is now

this is a response to a post by my bro jsmed entitled: wake up call

last sunday night i sat down with the group and tossed the lesson. we had a dtr time between us and god. with no judgment or condemnation i asked how much time they had spent the past week in prayer. there was almost nothing going on outside of praying for meals and before tests. then i asked what they had been reading in the bible. one girl had read part of 1 cor 13. no one else was reading anything. the general mood of the group was somber and solemn.

then i asked how much time they spent on fb and myspace. how much time they spent playing video games. how much time they spent watching tv. how much time was consumed in extra-curricular activities. these were big hits in the group and they became lively in discussing their various activities.

even shooting nazi zombies.


and im sitting there wondering how kids who claim to be saved are going to church bc they have to and not relating to jesus at all. the general consensus was that jesus just isnt relevant in their daily lives. they dig him. hes cool. and they agree that he lived and died for their sins and rose again. but it means nothing to them right here and now.

and the tragedy of this is that it ignores the power of the resurrection. the power of jesus promise of abundant life. and tho i want to look for someone to blame and point my fingers the truth is that wont change anything. so im praying and looking for ways to engage the resurrection life in these guys. and ill pray that they begin to live and move and have their being in a relationship with their maker and savior.

bc eternal life is now.

john 10:10 (the message)

i came so they can have real and eternal life – more and better life than they ever dreamed of.



~ by graceshaker on April 24, 2009.

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  2. If kids/teens/adults today are being distracted with glittered technology then do you think it’s just as worst when kids/teens/adults enjoying a day of trendy games when Jesus walked the earth. I really wish you could emphasize on your idea of what is fun when Christ is the center of your life and if technology to you is a great evil.

  3. but as the church should we not take responsibility for our ignoring that very apathetic nature we see around us? I do not think it a coincidence that we see adults and particularly young adults that desire to just attend a service and never serve or give a hand to someone else. (see Joel Osteen’s “church”) Could this not be due to what was shown to them. I honestly believe this apathetic, passive attitude is a result of modeling. I hope my comments were not taken as looking for someone to blame as it is knowing the source of the struggle and challenging us to do better than where we are, and maybe what you talked about is a good portion of that process.

  4. omni – technology is not inherently evil. technology is neutral and can be used in good or bad ways. sometimes a game among friends and/or family can be a really great chance for community. the problem is when technology becomes a detriment to a relationship with jesus. thats bad. and thats part of my point.

    im not against fun but it also doesnt govern my choices. iow – i dont make choices based on whether the outcome will be fun or not. fun is not my god or my savior or my lord. jesus is. so my decisions and hopefully the decisions of everyone i have a hand in discipling will be governed by jesus.

    living my life with him at the center means that all my ideas of personal satisfaction have been surrendered to him. i am no longer interested in entertaining myself bc i live for him. sometimes that may be really fun and sometimes it may be really hard work but for me the peace it brings is worth it.

    jsmed – absolutely bro. the way most christians are shown how to be christians totally sucks and centers around their own personal wants and desires. having jesus at the center of everything radically altars the way a person lives and its evident in how they spend their time.

    this is part of the resurrection life im referring to. in order to live a resurrected life i have to be willing to kill off the life i consider my own in order to be given a new life that centers on what jesus wants and desires.

  5. agree completely…the new has come and the old is gone.

  6. Hey..finally remembered to get over here! Just wanted to say as a teen I didn’t really understand how Jesus was supposed to be a part of my every day life…until a “cause” was presented to our youth group. We were shown abuses and injustices, hunger and nakedness, desperation and hopelessness through mission slides. For most of us it kindled the recognition that we are the hands, feet, hugs, and activists of Jesus on this earth today. It makes a difference. And most of all, seeing how He answers prayers.

    I don’t know…maybe pick a devastated area and take a group. Sometimes we find Jesus’ pertinence in our daily lives by diving into the muck and helping clean it up. Tears of gratefulness are a conduit. A hug of compassion is an electric charge of His love coming to the aid of others.

    Good to “see” you. And God bless you

  7. I think Terri’s comment is powerful in many ways. Until people understand how Jesus is supposed to be a part of their daily lives — something if we’re honest with ourselves, we are struggle with every day — He will never be part of our daily lives.

    And while Terri’s idea of taking on a cause seems to be a great idea, I wonder if there isn’t something closer to home that you could take on. A hunger ministry? An abuse shelter? Or maybe there is a need at one of the schools that the youth group could take on. Some sort of project where youth can go consistently and build relationships with the people they are helping.

    I’m just thinking out loud. But I think Terri’s right — show them how Christ is supposed to be part of their daily life. Much of dicipleship is done, not spoken.

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  9. Heaven and eternal life are real.And the only way to get there and enjoy eternal life is through Christ Jesus……….Jesus Christ Superstar

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