top ten things i learned from my children while on vacation

10. ice age 2 is the funniest movie ever

9. colorado is narnia

8. centaur tracks can be easily mistaken for horse or cow tracks by casual observers

7. wood that is cut and left beside a cabin is there solely for the purpose of building bridges over nearby streams

6. unless youre building a fire with it to make smores

5. arrowheads are meant to fly

4. when hiking with a yearling strapped into one of those child carrying backpack contraptions the key to keeping your hearing is constant movement

3. the best thing to do when you come across a beautiful body of water in the wild is to throw rocks in it

2. cleanliness is just silly

1. the only things you need for countless hours of fun are a stream a sturdy stick and some mud


~ by graceshaker on June 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “top ten things i learned from my children while on vacation”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having the most fun, ever.

  2. i want those ten, please ask for their advice on another 10: perhaps ones which apply to this neck of the woods: they might have some good suggestions? 20 things might help drastically. thanks.

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