are we really praying for africa?

stumbled onto a video while twitter hopping and it really grabbed me and made me thnk about the phrase “pray for africa.”

about 2 years ago i was at an event in dallas where one of the merch tables was selling “pray for…” shirts and had an assortment of every imaginable country or place on them. they were a missionary group who decided to help fund their ops via shirt selling at big venue gigs like the one i was attending.

great idea.

i spent half an hour talking with a couple of them about their journies and projects and ended up diggin their whole approach and buying a shirt. the one i picked up said pray for africa and i wore it consistently for a long time.

as i look back tho i wonder how often i was actually on my knees praying for africa. prolly not very often. i mean i cared about it as much as the next guy and i harbored well intentioned thots toward the various situations threatening life and peace over there but i wasnt really affected by it. it didnt break my heart.


maybe its a timing thing and maybe i just needed a little fabric softener in my soul but i wasnt a minute into this video this morning before i was in tears over wot these people are going thru. and it breaks my heart to the point where i wonder wot i can do other than fall on my knees.

so i will.

but i wanted to share the vid with you first…


~ by graceshaker on August 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “are we really praying for africa?”

  1. Hey, came across your blog from a shared interest in Love146.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that in most of life it seems like we don’t pray for 80% of the things we say we will. “I’m praying for you,” has almost become a modern version of “Be warm and well fed.”

    Props for actually doing it :-).

  2. When I tell someone that I will pray for them, I have to do it right away (after I hang up the phone) or I will forget.

    It just goes to show you what sinners we are.

    We get so wrapped up in the moment, that all our best intentions go right out the window.

    I will pray for africa right now (or else I’ll get busy and forget)

  3. Yes, it’s to the point where when someone asks for prayer I say, “Let’s do that right now.” Otherwise (head hanging in shame) I forget.

    I think you have it just right. We should pray while the tears are still flowing.

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