living after the loss

some friends of mine are hurting right now. one friend has discovered he is losing his mother while another has lost his son. as ive been praying and reflecting on death in the past few days ive been reminded of the thots and feelings tied to losing my dad as well as my grandfather who helped raise me. this piece is an attempt to exfoliate some of the pain involved for the sake of those who face living after the loss.

the next day was a long dull motionless blur

it was difficult to move

it was difficult to breathe

it was nearly impossible to do anything but stare absently at the floor

thinking produced tears



unfolded clothes

the hollow  sound of no one coming thru the door

everything had the air of permanence

and yet the gravity of the moment

flitted about somewhere outside

like a moth not overly concerned

with landing anywhere at the moment

the funeral had been full of vacant promises

gone to a better place

at peace now

we need to get together soon

im here if you need me

words spoken with saddened heads

tilted slightly to the side

with an almost indiscernible nod

while completely unrelated

laughter erupted

a few feet away in another circle

as old friends made up for lost time

but it was quiet now

everyone was gone

their food and whispering as well

and the place was emptier than before

emptier than it was before


~ by graceshaker on September 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “living after the loss”

  1. great thoughts….hope you are well!

  2. well yep you said it here .. brilliant old guy .. really brilliant (taylor900)

  3. I thought this was very well written and powerful. I always have appreciated your thoughts and insights. Hope you are doing well.

  4. nice, my mom would have liked this piece. she was a poetry person.

  5. i like this very much brother. the emotion in it is powerful. and the structure augments the emotion well.

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