resignation (part ii)

over the course of the next few weeks i traded phone calls with the lead pastor at the church in alpine. these talks led to another visit wherein my wife and i dropped the littles with her parents and went down for a weekend. this is wots known in baptist circles as coming in view of a call and tho i could spend a very long time on how that single phrase is tortured in baptist life the weekend went well.

we met with the pastor and his wife friday evening and then had a cookout on saturday with the youth and parents followed by a qna session. i shared my story about meeting god on the south rim of the chisos mountains and they asked us all about our likes and dislikes. were we into sports? band? choir? they wondered if we were ready to live in a town without a walmart.

they were curious about how we met and ended up getting married. but not one word was ever spoken about doctrine. the closest we came was my assurance to them at the beginning that we would all be on common ground when it came to the essentials and apparently that was all they needed. my use of  socratic method and penchant for skeptically questioning everything didnt seem to bother them at the time.

we were introduced in the service the next morning and they had an evening service planned around allowing the rest of the church to meet and get to know us thru another qna where mostly the same kinds of questions were asked. altho someone was curious about the holy wild having looked up some of our stuff online (i used to have a really nifty website…)

they voted on us and i was unanimously called by the church to become the associate pastor. we set out a timeline and worked out some of the details before my wife and i headed back to the metroplex to begin the process of packing and saying goodbye to friends.

we didnt realize that we were walking into a minefield.

(2 b continued)


~ by graceshaker on October 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “resignation (part ii)”

  1. A man dies and finds himself in front of Saint Peter at the pearly gates. Saint Peter tells him he is right on the border between Heaven and Hell, and so he can pick for himself. The man asks if he can look around both, and Saint Peter agrees. So the man goes into Heaven, and there’s a lot of prayer groups, people playing lyres, lounging about on clouds, etc. Then he goes to Hell, and he spends the day hang gliding, drinking, cavorting with luscious maidens, etc. He gets back to Saint Peter and tells him that Heaven is really a little dull for his tastes, so he’d like to go to Hell. Saint Peter says, “So be it,” and casts him down to Hell, where he is immediately thrown into a lake of fire, scourged by demons, etc. He says to the demon tormenting him, “Wait! It wasn’t like this when I was here before !” – to which the demon replies, “That was the recruiting trip. This is reality.”

  2. If your beliefs can’t stand a little scrutiny- or if your afraid of questioning- how strong is your faith? I know I hate to have my boat rocked- hope my statements aren’t self condemning. I’m skeptical of Christians who can’t take a little skeptical questioning. Surely God is up for the best we can throw at Him.

    Did you mention your Socratic method before or after they asked you about your Wal-Mart beliefs? Do you think Wal-Mart lovers are intrinsically Platonic? :P

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