ive been thinking and praying about the next step and wot god wants for me and my fam and its become clear: in the months ahead i will plant a church. in light of this declaration i have decided to establish a manifesto of sorts as a root for the work ahead. so this is that…

1. there are so. many. people. who dont know jesus. i love them and want to bring them into the kingdom.

2. im no longer listening to the chirping voice of defeat telling me im not qualified without letters behind my name. the father has prepared me via training and experience to both connect with people and to introduce them to their king and thats exactly wot im going to do.

3. i realize now that the things i dont know which i have allowed to hold me back will only find resolution as i take steps to plant the churches god has called me to plant – so im ready to move forward.

4. the father has given me the desire and ability to lead and teach so im going to honor that by doing both.

5. im going to stop focusing on all the negative stuff about church that ive ranted about for so long from the comfort of my desk chair and become an active and positive force for change.

6. im going to devote my time to a balance between reading/studying and relational efforts.

7. i want the story of my life to be full of stories about how people who met me were brot into the kingdom for the glory of the king.

please be praying for jesus to be glorified in everything that follows. if ur interested in being a part of this in any way please contact me.


~ by graceshaker on November 7, 2009.

8 Responses to “manifesto”

  1. Keep us posted. We are broken, fallen, unable, incapable, exhausted, messy and stumbling,
    but want to hope
    want to have faith
    want to love
    and along the way, gather together others
    desperately seeking life.

  2. This is a good manifesto.

    You are qualified. Teach, lead, honor, and change. Amen.

  3. dude…get it!

  4. do it man! I’m in the same boat so I’m looking forward to reading about the awesome things God does thru you!

  5. I’ve got to say, after reading the end of the biographical series, I really thought this was the direction you ought to go, but hadn’t come up with the words to say it. I think it’s a bad idea to wait for formal qualifications before doing what you want to do.

    The other thing I was thinking is that you needed to write down a credo, if only for yourself. The one you had on your old web site isn’t it: having known you for five years, I could guess a lot of the elements of it, but only you know yourself. Where I’m going here: for instance, it is clear that you think that Satan is a bit of a red herring, a way of displacing/failing to take responsibility for our own sinful nature …

  6. The other advice I have – sorry if this is annoying – is to be organized in your thoughts about your approach. Who are you planning on ministering to, why will you be more effective than others (what is your message), what is the need/niche you are filling, what is your source of money/people going to be (may be you don’t need this to start with). Starting a church is a lot like starting a small business, and needs to be approached with the same mentality. This sounds a bit offensive, but frankly you live among humans, and human social concerns apply to everything done here. This is all probably obvious to you, but I thought it bore saying out loud.

  7. Owen said something like “be killing sin or it will be killing you” (I’ve been trying to read some Owen)

    Praise God that Christ has prayed for you that your faith not fail. I offer my prayer as well, such as it is.

  8. Well, I meant the above reply for a previous post, in case your scratching your head.

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