best of the 00s

at this time of year and especially as we come to the close of a decade just about every blog is bathed in best of lists. as i succumb to the temptation to join in ive decided that my best of would be a little different which is by no means surprising for anyone who knows me for more than an hour.

while most blogs are churning out best of movies music and assorted other cultural flair my best of is going to center on moments. so here are my best of moments of the decade…

10. on july 17 of 2000 we celebrated 1 year of marriage and the continued existence of a post y2k world.

9. during the spring and summer of 2001 my wife and i joined u2 in worship 3 times during their elevation tour – twice in dallas at reunion arena and once in austin at the erwin center.

8. on july 18 of 2002 just one day after celebrating 3 years of marriage we welcomed our firstborn – a daughter – who to this day continues to bring me joy.

7. in the spring of 2003 i surrendered my life to gods calling and became a shepherd.

6. on april 12 of 2004 only a few weeks before my beloved grandfather passed away we welcomed our second child – a son – who is a blessed blur of constant motion.

5. on october 28 of 2005 my nephew and i joined u2 in worship on their houston stop of the vertigo tour at the toyota center.

4. in january of 2006 i awoke from a unique dream and began my journey into the holy wild by planting a house church in wylie texas that spring.

3. in may of 2007 we packed up our lives and moved to the mountains of west texas for what would become a 2 year lesson in personal humility and the beauty of gods creation.

2. on june 17 of 2008 we welcomed our third little one – a daughter – whose infectious giggling never fails to make me smile.

1. on may 16 of 2009 after years of prayer i was overjoyed to baptize my eldest daughter in the rio grand at big bend national park as a follower of jesus and on july 17 my wife and i celebrated 10 years of marriage. on october 12 my wife and i joined u2 in worship at the new cowboys stadium in arlington and to say that place is big would just be silly.

this is not an exhaustive list by any means but its some of the highlights of the past 10 years which have gone by at ludicrous speed…or maybe plaid.

may the next 10 be as well lived…


~ by graceshaker on December 29, 2009.

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