the hordes prayer

our fodder

which art in high def

hollow be thy fame

thy kingdom slum

thy will be guns

on cable as it is at 7-11

give us this day consumer greed

and consolidate our debts

as we increase our line of credit

and let us rot in degradation

but deliver us a pizza

for online is the kingdom

and the porn sites

that take plastic…forever



~ by graceshaker on January 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “the hordes prayer”

  1. hahaha, this is fricken halarious

  2. That should be plastered everywhere! I put a link on my blog to your blog. Is that ok?

  3. NIcely done, but feels a little cynical …

  4. @james how do u mean?

  5. Oh the way the words flow, beauty in parody, i love your satirical leanings in the poem.

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