this is an experiment. first hit play then ignore the video and read below it but go slow and take it in.

so ur gone


havent heard from u in forever

and im struggln to figure out y

u wont listn

or return my calls

ur not like the rest

ur different

set apart

and when my ancestors

called u

u listnd

and came running

when they said ur name

ur ears were open

and u came to their side

guess im not worth the effort

no big surprise

everyone hates me

constantly mockd

tauntd and rejectd

‘this one trusts his creator

what a mistake!’

but u have been there for me b4

when i was born

u were there to hold me

and i trustd u

so where r u now

when everything

is goin so very wrong

and no one is stepn up?

its like ive got enemies

on all sides

trying 2 tear me apart

im wiped out

aching all over


w out a shred of strength

im no better than a dead man

theyve all banded 2gether

and crucified me

and now theyre standn around

makn jokes

and fightn over my stuff


so where r u?

get ur act 2gether

and help me out

if my life means anything 2 u

do something

get me out of this

just like b4

ill give u the credit

ill tell people wot happened

ill remind them all

of who u r

and theyll be blown away

by how well u listen

and help those in need

but only if u listen 2 me now

and quit hiding

i promise

i wont go back on my word

everyone who knows u will c

this story will keep em going

and give em a boost

it wont go unnoticed

pretty soon everyone will know

not just ur people

but everyone


and theyll be in awe

at how u handle things

the rich and the poor

theyre all gettn in on this

b4 they die

and theyll tell their children

and the story will live on

the tale of wot u have done

will never grow old


~ by graceshaker on February 25, 2010.

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