hammock isnt really a band. its marc byrd & andrew thompson. 2gether they  make some of the best music on the planet. their new release ‘chasing after shadows…..living with the ghosts’ drops may 18. heres a vid of the new song:


~ by graceshaker on March 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “hammock.::.breathturn”

  1. This is an amazing video. Something about it makes it compelling to watch. Makes me want to fly and to help others fly as well.

    Can you tell me more about it and why you like it?

  2. Damn, how did they get such good effects.

  3. marc byrd is the current guitarist 4 a band ive loved 4 years called the choir. so thats how i 1st heard of him. a few years ago the choir did a show at the door n deep ellum & marc was there & was just phenom. his playing and effects carried the show beyond just a concert n2 the dreamy narrative of my memories. at the show he was offering a new cd of instrumental music he had made w a buddy & after talking 2 him about it for a bit i pickd 1 up. wen i listened 2 it everything changed.

    i have followed hammock since then being constantly amazed at the way their music forms a landscape for everything in my life. from studying to sleeping to reading scripture hammocks music is the soundtrack.

    this new track represents a forthcoming project which is exciting in so many ways. i cant wait 2 c how the music evolves. from the sound of this song they continue to evoke emotion while soothing its release.

    when i blipd this song i said simply: ‘just close ur eyes’ if u do it will carry u places…

  4. this is all so legit. i need to get that album!

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