doorway greet

everythings ok

food on the table

little ones at play

talkn bout the kingdom

& our saving christ

but no time 4 ne1

whos stuck w a vice

now i stay away

bc im not ok

bc im all messed up and breaking


~ by graceshaker on April 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “uberfeh”

  1. tell me about the title! I am only familiar with Überstreichen which sort of means overly correct but in practice means more able to carry on correctly with no instructions.

  2. impressive.
    you have a cool writing style

  3. uber = german term meaning over above or beyond
    feh = a yiddish expression of distaste or disgust or in slang term general uninterest

    its basically an inaudible groan made into a word

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