things im thinking: august 2010 edition

1 i dont care if anne rice claims to be a christian or not bc shes a notorious blood sucking vampire and eats people for a living and to me that pretty much puts her in the ‘not a christian’ category.

2 i dont understand why everyone froths over arcade fire. imo they are a mediocre band at best and nothing they do grabs my attention.

3 on the other hand the band vast is really good stuff. their april release is in my ears on a daily basis.

4 nobody reads this blog anymore.

5 finally got a job and its in shipping and receiving at ut dallas. bc its not as a pastor or in any ministry role this confuses me and makes me wonder why i got all that ministry education.

6 angry birds is one of the most fun and annoying games ever invented.

7 i miss living in west tx. the mountains. the sunsets. the atmosphere. the friends. sigh.

8 pretty excited about taking up fishing w the boy. we got our stuff & have gone out a couple times already to lake lavon. i dont even care if we catch any fish really – altho im sure the boy does – im excited to be spending time just the two of us.

9 wipeout is just good family fun. that show makes us all lol for real.

10 salmon is not orange and a lot of people cheated whataburger during that bday celebration thing. they should all feel very ashamed.

11 watchn the original star wars trilogy w my oldest 2 littles was greatness. they were so into it.

12 heat sucks. cant wait for autumn & cooler weather. oh – and football.

13 speaking of football im playing ff again even tho i retired last yr. guess 38 isnt too old eh brett?

14 ive lost over 40 lbs since may and it feels great but i have about 40 more to go and it seems harder now. but hey – if healthy was ez every1 would b.

15 wish i had more time to read…theres so many books in this stack i want to dive into


~ by graceshaker on August 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “things im thinking: august 2010 edition”

  1. cool

  2. I know I am not your only reader…
    I look forward to your posts MR!

    You have a good education, but you might learn something that will help you later at the new job. Hey you are taking care of your family and that is RESPECTABLE.

    Never stop writing, you have the calling and the talent.

  3. 2 follow mr webb on twitter?

    4 lies

    5 my education is pointless for my job. my tuition was like a fee for 3 1/2 years of vacation.

    7 i miss peoples

    12 amen

    14 awesome brother!

    15 i wish i wasn’t distracted

  4. I’m reading … keep writing … and making a difference …

  5. Being paid to be a pastor might have been a trap…as you’ve noted before, it tries to force you into popular and comfortable views. Don’t know to what extent you’re doing anything pro bono, but this might make it easier to avoid compromising your principles, and becoming an entertainer (which is what most churches are, nowadays).

  6. uh huh

  7. I read your blog (this time). Response to #4.

    If you continue calling him “the boy,” he’ll undoubtedly call you his “old man” in a few years.

  8. I’m subscribed. I read when you post stuff. Don’t hate me for not reading old posts. Just write more dang blogs, brosef

  9. important people read your blog

  10. …and i wouldn’t have known about VAST otherwise..Thanks

  11. i love u guys. thanks for reading.

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