dan haseltine sums up the xian music industry

i follow dan haseltine from jars of clay on twitter and yesterday he went off on the whole christian/secular distinction in labeling music (and presumeably everything else) in a rare rant. it was captivating and i thot i would relay it here in the order it appeared for any who are interested. the final tweet is from his buddy derek webb who summed up the rant nicely

scribblepotemus: Can we STOP applying the “secular” or “Christian” comparison to music? It is silly and should not exist.

There is NO mainstream and there is NO Christian in the motivation of artists simply telling the truth.

I don’t think most people who draw the secular/Christian line actually know what it is they are drawing. Or why…

Is all truth God’s truth or isn’t it? Is truth exclusive to Christian music?

The distinction “Christian” in music represents the audience?,the origin of the maker?, the lyric?, the moral position of the artist? …?

…the intent of the artist?, the use of biblical metaphor?, the utility of the listener?, the sound? Where it’s sold? Who commissioned it?

Or…what distinguishes truthful music outside the church as NOT Christian? The moral behavior of artist?, the lyric? The intent of artist?

..who plays it?, where it is sold? Can it be glorifying without the artists knowledge or intent?

Have we ever been lied to by “Christian” labeled music? Is it still Christian?

Maybe what I am getting at is…is there ever a moment when it is okay to let labels trump the act of thoughtful engagement?

If the label, “Xian” is placed on an artist, Is a bias either to embrace or dismiss the artist more tangible? What if the artist disagrees?

derekwebb: the category “christian,” when applied to anything other than a human being is a marketing term


~ by graceshaker on October 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “dan haseltine sums up the xian music industry”

  1. I don’t really like this, as an atheist, I think it’s pretty logical for me to want to put a border between christian music, and secular music. And music isn’t about truth, music is about passion and beauty. Not the lyrics.

  2. ive always thot that music is simply music. its not christian or non christian bc those terms can only apply to humans.

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