remembering the snow at a gas station in junction tx

this is dedicated to birdaugh, susan & yahoo for being a part of one of the best experiences of my life.

hours of asphalt

roll away from us

like a receding tide

pulling back the shore

as dusk fails

and we exit for fuel.


a tight squeeze

in my 92 ford tempo

the four of us unfold

like lawn chairs

being brought out

after a hard winter

greeted by a shock

of air far too cold

for this time of year

in this part of texas.


we linger outside the car

as small wisps of icy snow

begin to fill the sky

and grow quickly

into giant flakes

dusting our shoulders

and exciting our minds.


theres just something

about seeing a good snow

on the precipice

of an adventure

of self discovery.


feels like being clean

all our sins forgotten

under the frosty linen

blanket of night.


ignorant of our youth

we fold back into the car

and rush headlong

into the darkness.


~ by graceshaker on June 20, 2011.

One Response to “remembering the snow at a gas station in junction tx”

  1. With Joshua Tree as the soundtrack! Good times brother. I love it!

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