on jumping into the fray and speaking too quickly

my friend shayno inspires me. he has a great writing style and tells good stories. i enjoy his blog and lately he has taken on the challenge of writing more. which is inspiring me to write more as well. so this is a thought on that.

there are a million things running through my head. seriously. or at least a bunch. in the world we live in with all the technology we interact with, a veritable flood of information awaits us every time we connect to our social networks. whether its following a tweet to an article about religion and politics or clicking through a facebook post to see some atrocity being committed somewhere there is a never-ending stream of information unpacking in our sphere of knowledge at any given time.

so much is happening and so much is worth knowing about that it can be hard to decipher what information is worth paying attention to. for some its whatever bubblegum pop idol just broke up with her boyfriend or whether a particular actor likes raisin bran after sex. im sure these seem like viable newsworthy stories to some but for me they are just annoyances.

my concern generally shifts to things that orbit in the realm of god, justice, and grace. sometimes this screening tactic draws my attention to articles about how women are treated in muslim countries like the recent piece by mona eltahawy at www.foreignpolicy.com. other times it lands me on something closer to home such as the recent barna.org article on the role of healthy families in youth ministry.

so basically i spend a lot of time reading. and this doesnt include the time i spend on books. from greg boyds god of the possible to no future without forgiveness by desmond tutu to numerous others laying around the house, i spend a good bit of time in books.

point being – i have a lot of thoughts in my head. some are reactions to things ive seen or read, others are thoughts that have been slowly stewing over a period of time. i have a post on rob bells book love wins that keeps circling my mind like a shark, and a set of posts on the tv show lost that i keep trying to polish.

but it seems like i cant bring myself to actually post any of them. not because they arent worth discussing, but because in my mind they are so worth discussing that i dont want to just throw something out there without seriously considering the subject matter. and for me that often takes a while. i dont like to make quick decisions if i dont have to.

many times what i end up with on my blog is a well considered post every now and again peppered with some photography and poetry along the way. and this is part of who i am – but i want to write more. i want to crystallize at least some of what’s bonking around in this skull for the sake of engaging those of you who bother to read this blog and stirring up discussions that will benefit everyone.

so im going to try harder. im taking my friends shaynos challenge and im going to try and write more often – at least once a week. maybe twice.

that said i dont want to toss my thoughts out too quickly before they have a chance to marinate a bit and so if my blog seems dated on occasion please forgive and bear with me. im finding as i get older that being the first to say something doesnt generally mean its worth saying and that whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble (proverbs 21:23).

although in this case i guess mouth and tongue must = fingers.


~ by graceshaker on May 24, 2012.

One Response to “on jumping into the fray and speaking too quickly”

  1. dude, i am honored at your mention. i look forward to reading.

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