the great adventure: interlude

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there are pieces of me somewhere in utah

beneath arches of stone

and in a canyon near flagstaff.

theres a piece across the big dam

on the vegas strip

and a handful in beatty and yucca valley.

i left a large chunk

on the shore in santa barbara

before leaving more in fresno

and quite a few around ansels old haunt

not to mention a couple in modesto.

some pieces remain in the city by the bay

where the sun sank into the pacific

and some are just across the golden gate

in john muirs woods

others i left at the base of mt shasta

or the high desert green of the oregon hills

with a number spread around a snowy crater

before that long drive through the night.

a bunch are in pike place market

being tossed with the fish

in the shadow of a needle

and theres a good number strewn across i-90

from the 5 through idaho

to the other side of butte.

there a scattering near the geysers

and a group along the hidden falls trail

to the west of jenny lake.

still more lay at the feet of the collegiate mountains

and a remnant are sprinkled along a lonely stretch of road

leading back over the mountains to aurora.

i left trying to find myself

and i returned with less of me to know.

but what remains is fuller

and deeper

and even sometimes

a little more sad

but mostly im stronger

for having been in the wild.


~ by graceshaker on December 20, 2012.

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