must the show go on?

this is a post from several years ago but given some of whats going on i thought it was worth rejuvenating..


im prolly dating myself here but theres an old pink floyd song from the wall called the show must go on. the key lyrics are below:

there must be some mistake
i didnt mean to let them
take away my soul.
am i too old is it too late? 

where has the feeling gone?

the show must go on. 

many thanks to roger waters for rending my heart.

let me explain. i have many roles as a pastor. one them is shepherding the youth of our community in bible study and spiritual disciplines. this past summer we went to three major events in conjunction with our local ministry efforts. they included a trip to dallas to go to six flags and attend a two day conference put on by the bgct (baptist general convention of texas) and attended by thousands. it was quite a show. the worship was powerful. the concerts were loud and exciting. and the preachers were dynamic. 

our next trip was to onecamp in palacios tx where we met up with hundreds of other youth for a week of spiritual growth. palacios is right on matagorda bay and has beautiful sunrises despite the clammy humidity and near 100° temps. it was quite a week. the worship was powerful. the concerts were loud and exciting. and the preachers were dynamic.

finally we drove up to midland/odessa for rock the desert where we joined with thousands of others in a two day concert event featuring some of the hottest loudest christian rock bands around. the worship was powerful. the bands were loud and exciting. and the preacher was dynamic. 

when we werent touring the state in search of a big christian event this summer we were here in alpine – a small west tx town without a walmart. and as pastor im responsible for their spiritual growth and well being. over the course of several bible studies and worship services ive noticed something.

the youth are bored and uninterested. 

and im not even remotely surprised. im not sure exactly when these type of events became the thing but im guessing it roughly correlates with a drop in the quality of everyday spirituality among teens. we have placed our hopes for reaching teens in these big events but as a result we are raising yet another generation who will only be able to have a meaningful moment with god in a vast auditorium full of people loud music flashing lights and super-hyped preaching.

and im guilty. im as much to blame as the people who put the shows together or their bosses who gave them the go ahead. its true that i inherited a youth program already in motion on these events but i did very little other than ride along. 

now we are planning a ski trip.

and it makes me want to shout – but not hallelujah thank you jesus. im repulsed by the lack of depth in the church today and im part of the problem bc instead of boldly speaking out about the vital necessity of everyday spiritual disciplines…instead of demonstrating how they can lead to shalom and what that looks like – i have become a cog in the machine churning out event-based entertainment-oriented christ followers. 

so maybe im not cut out for this.

but maybe i am. and maybe its exactly why god brought me here. bc if theres one thing any of the teenagers in this town need its a real life – a life lived in a daily meaningful relationship with god. 

and maybe we dont need to pack the vans and haul em off to yet another over-hyped event where we come out on the other side all pumped up and set up for a let down. maybe we dont need to feed into the mentality that fosters this entertainment based culture we live in. maybe – just maybe – we should pull back from all the hype and take a look at psalm 46:10?

be still and know that i am god.
i will be exalted among the nations.
i will be exalted in the earth.

yeppers…maybe its time to question some things…


~ by graceshaker on January 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “must the show go on?”

  1. Reblogged this on Rob Casey Ministries and commented:
    My brother is making sense…

  2. Making sense. I echoed these sentiments in my book on the mistakes I made in youth ministry. This one was HUGE.

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