99 years

for my mimi


how can words describe a love
so deep and full and true?
it was an everyday way of life
when we spent time with you.

whether we were cooking supper
or dancing in the living room
or exploring islands on our walks
there was never any gloom

your smile was like the midday sun
always warm and bright
chasing fear and darkness away
filling our lives with light

each song of praises on your lips
pointed us toward the throne
you lifted high the name of jesus
with a sweet melodic tone

and in your hands we knew we were
no less than safe and sound
a prayer away from the hands of god
his mercy and grace unbound

no words can capture who you were
your impact is too great
we mourn the absence we will feel
we grieve beneath the weight

part of the world is empty tonight
one less breath on the wind
youve gone away until he comes
to set things right again


~ by graceshaker on June 26, 2013.

One Response to “99 years”

  1. Wonderful tribute to Mom.

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