while we were yet immortal

for my brothers, brian and jase


remember when we read thoreau

and whitman

and frost

and we longed to be somewhere

outside on an adventure

in the wild world of their words?

remember when we read nietzsche

and kierkegaard

and sartre

and we ruminated and postulated

about being and existence

around a fire beneath a bridge?

remember when we read rumi

and eckhart

and rilke

and we dreamed of intimacy

with god and ourselves

as days fell away to years?

remember when we read shakespeare

and keats

and dickinson

and we contemplated life and death

while we were yet immortal

and the fading of our hearts had not begun?

~ by graceshaker on November 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “while we were yet immortal”

  1. remember when you sat on my porch and i was absolutely certain that my best friend ever friend was literally going to die or fade away to nothing and what of me grace shaker what of me? i literally had to remain calm-ish some one little cell had to remain calm somewhere and also so did you you had to smile you had to smile you had to tell your soul to be still and only god was keeping us calmish sort of and i tell you now we are all still alive some stuff is difficult but it is definitely not the same and i love you love love love more i love you and thank you so much!

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