what is the holy wild?


the holy wild is a place where you throw off the pretense of religion and meet god face to face on his terms.  its stepping beyond everything that is safe and finding the freedom of living uncomfortably close to the untamed reality of gods calling and desire. its investing yourself in the reckless pursuit of his image as you careen into the unknown adventure of faith.

come. taste and see…


2 Responses to “what is the holy wild?”

  1. I love your blog, man. Way to think deeply and drink fully from the well that never runs dry! Sounds like we have a kindred outlook.


  2. Hello,

    very nice blog, great pictures but nonetheless just a glimps of natures overwhelming beauty. Keep it going!

    Another thing, i wrote you a messege via facebook to ask you something a few days ago, since we’re no friends on facebook it was only delivered to your “other folder”, maybe you missed it?

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